Smith Campus Center

Smith Campus CenterSmith Campus Center

The Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center

Opening in the fall of 2018, the Smith Campus Center will be a dynamic center of University life, enabling the greater Harvard community to come together in new and exciting ways.

A completely renovated façade will be the backdrop for newly designed outdoor spaces with café seating, chess tables, new lighting, and many new trees. Light-filled interior spaces will include amenities such as food venues and unique indoor landscape elements and provide areas for programs, events, relaxation, studying, and informal gathering in addition to programs and events.

The campus center is named for its major donors, Richard A. and Susan F. Smith. It is part of a multi-year effort to create and improve common spaces across Harvard University as way to ensure its physical spaces foster the intellectual, cultural, and social experience.

Current students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit proposals to host informal programs in Harvard Commons during its inaugural year on select Wednesday and Thursday nights throughout the academic year as part of the "Crossroads Series." To learn more about the series and to submit a proposal, please visit