Building User Guide

The Common Spaces at the Smith Campus Center spaces are designed for shared use as comfortable, convivial gathering spaces.

As such:

  • Noise Levels. Please understand that the area will be used by both those wishing to work quietly and by groups who want to share a meal or work together. Noise levels should be appropriate for a mixed, shared use facility.
  • Share the Space. Depending on the mix of users, the University reserves the right to ask that users share facilities (unreserved rooms, tables, furniture) and/or move within rooms to maximize use of the Common Spaces.
  • Please clean up! Please dispose of trash, and refrain from bringing excessive personal belongings to the Common Spaces. Projects involving sorting papers or materials, construction, or other activities that take up excessive space or block the easy flow of movement are not appropriate for the Common Spaces at the Smith Campus Center.
  • Stay Awake. The Common Spaces are not for napping. Users will be asked not to lie down or sleep in the area and Smith Campus Center staff may check the wellness of anyone who appears to be asleep or unconscious.

The University reserves the right to limit or prohibit activities and behavior that is inconsistent with these guidelines and the shared use of the space or is otherwise disruptive.

The following activities are prohibited on Smith Campus Center property:

  1. Smoking and/or use of tobacco or marijuana products.
  2. Use of personal speakers, including for playing of music.
  3. Solicitations of any kind, including Tabling  which is not allowed in Smith Campus Center.
  4. Conduct of any commercial activity not authorized by the University or Smith Campus Center personnel. Commercial tour groups, including those led by students, are included in this prohibition.
  5. Bringing bikes inside the Smith Campus Center facilities. Visitors should utilize the multiple bike racks around the exterior of Smith Campus Center.
  6. Bringing pets or animals, other than service animals, into the Smith Campus Center.

Please be aware:

  • Smith Campus Center staff reserves the right to limit the size and number of items brought into the Common Spaces. All baggage, other articles, and vehicles parked in the Smith Center garage are subject to inspection.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended. Unattended bags and other articles will be considered abandoned and may be removed and disposed of.